Travel Tales: The talented street musician in Montpellier, France

A street musician singing in both, male and female voice on the streets of Montpellier, France

The place

Montpellier is a beautiful city in the South of France. It is the 3rd largest city on the Mediterranean coast and 7th largest in France. It is just 2 hours from Paris by TGV and there is a train every 45 minutes. The city is very well connected by Tram but if you wish to hire a car there are services available right at the train station.

The setting

It was a cold January morning but a rather sunny and beautiful day. That was a good enough reason to take a stroll through this beautiful and breathtaking city. The bright sunshine was reflecting off the glass windows on the building and the shaded streets were being lit in a kaleidoscopic manner. Trams were shuttling chatty tourists around the various cultural spectacles of the city such as the Place de la Comédie, Porte du Peyrou, Saint Clément Aqueduct and the Carré Sainte Anne. And right then I spotted this wonderful street musician performing just outside the Statue équestre de Louis XIV.

The Performance

What set this performance apart was the sheer dedication and talent of the artist. He sang beautifully in both, male and female voice and there was a surreal depth and emotion in his voice. Lost, I cheered on along with the crowd, raising my hands each time he asked for audience participation. He finished his performance just in time as a municipal truck arrived and asked him to leave.

The city of Montpellier in Pictures